Clarion flooring

Clarion flooring

  • Floor plan: Wood
  • Thickness: 2 mm:
  • Product length: 91.44 cm
  • Product width: 15.24 cm
  • Package type : tile
  • Manufacturing Country : Iran


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Clarion flooring is made of PVC. PVC is a plastic material that is used in many cases such as: They are used to make and produce all kinds of tools, decorations, etc. This flooring is produced in different designs and with a wooden texture model. Clarion flooring is sold in cardboard form. You can use Clarion flooring for all different levels in residential, office, commercial, store, buildings, etc.

Features of Clarion flooring:

  1. -Fast installation
  2. -low weight
  3. -cold insulation
  4. -heat insulator
  5. -heat insulator
  6. -Washable

Clarion flooring

Where is Clarion flooring used?

  • Basically, this flooring should be used in places with little traffic.
  • catering
  • catering
  • kitchen
  • shop
  • office
  • Building

How to install Clarion flooring:

To install flooring, we must first make sure that the floor is flat. If there is unevenness or damage on the surface of the ground, you must do the foundation work first.

After the foundation operation, you must clean the ground completely because the saddle must be free of dust.

If the surface of the ground is wet or slightly damp, do not install and let the surface dry completely.

To install this flooring, it is better than Winiflex flooring glue (in 10 and 4 kilo gallons), which is a very high quality, white and odorless glue.

If you don’t have the skills to install flooring, we suggest you get help from an installer.

When you use Clarion as a floor covering, be sure that you will give a beautiful and modern decoration to your surroundings.

Price and how to order Clarion flooring

For more information about the price and how to order this product, contact us (02157719) so that you can make a better decision after receiving a free consultation before buying.

Clarion flooring


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