What are disposable hairdressing slippers?

Disposable salon slippers are produced from EVA foams. These slippers are produced in free size and cover sizes 42 to 43. The foam used in these disposable slippers is completely first-class, and for this reason, these slippers have a very comfortable, soft and light structure and are completely hypoallergenic and compatible with all types of skin.

Disposable hair salon slippers are also known as salon slippers, pedicure slippers, yoga slippers, etc. It is obligatory and necessary to use disposable hairdressing slippers in all salons; Especially in beauty salons that have pedicure and massage lines.

Disposable hairdressing slippers

What is a pedicure? What is the importance of pedicure slippers?

Pedicure is one of the services that has become very popular in beauty salons today. Pedicure is for feet, which includes: Cleansing, massage, removing dead skin on the soles of the feet, straightening the feet, etc. In general, pedicure is considered as a health and beauty service; which not only has its own big fans, but all people do this once in a while.

Now we want to discuss why it is important to use disposable barber slippers (pedicure slippers) in the beauty salon.

When you visit a pedicure center, you expect a completely clean and suitable environment. Now imagine that some people have entered this center with outside shoes, and in addition to dirtying that part of the hall, they have also brought pollution from outside the hall into the hall. It will certainly not give you a good feeling and you may not visit that beauty salon again.

So, at this stage, disposable hairdressing slippers come to the aid of beauty salon managers. The managers of beauty salons by buying disposable hairdressing slippers and making it necessary for everyone to use these slippers, in addition to making the salon clean and preventing pollution in their salon; It gives a very beautiful effect to their beauty salon. Because by using these slippers, almost everyone will be uniform and his salon will have a special beauty and his customers will be added day by day.

Disposable hairdressing slippers

In which places disposable hairdressing slippers are used?

It should be said that disposable hairdressing slippers are not only for use in beauty salons. Rather, disposable slippers can be used in all environments where you should not enter with shoes.

The environments that we can use disposable slippers are:

  1. All parts of the beauty salon
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Laser room
  4. Beauty clinics
  5. Yoga hall
  6. Even at home

By using disposable slippers in all kinds of environments, you will add beauty to that environment and your clients will feel better about you and your clinic or salon.

Advantages of using disposable salon slippers:

Disposable hairdressing slippers

Disadvantages disposable salon slippers:

What is the method of using disposable hairdressing slippers?

The method of using this product is very simple. You only need to separate the two sides of the slipper, which are already cut with a razor, and stick them together and put them inside the middle part of the slipper and use it easily.

Price and how to buy disposable hairdressing slippers:

palizfoam Group is a manufacturer and exporter of disposable slippers, tatami, granule and high-quality foam sheets. You only need to choose one of the following methods to order this product and buy tatami flooring.

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Disposable hairdressing slippers

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